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Last update : Oct 19, 2016
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Vol.12 No.8(Published on 2016/11)

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Our monthly newsletter features a variety of information, highlighting current domestic and international issues concerning bioresources.
Previous issues are available in English from the menu on the left.
* The latest publication of this newsletter will normally be released in the last week of the month.

Contact : Genetic Resource Center  (Yamazaki)
Yata 1111, Mishima, Shizuoka 411-8540 Japan
tel : 055-981-6885 / e-mail:brnews@shigen.info


- Research and Bioresources No.29


Phenotype ontology for further use of bioresources
Hiroshi Masuya (RIKEN BioResource Center)

- Ongoing Column No. 108



Linux tools can now be run on Windows 10 ! Part 2

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