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KHK Collection - List

About KHK Collection
You can browse the detailed information on deleted regions of Pec W3110. ((Click here for the genome map))

If you place an order for all the strains, your order will take at least one month.
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KHK Collection
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Strain name Gene type Request
01stepAW W3110, Δ(1049227-1097311)
02stepAW 01stepAW, Δ(3109247-3133480)
03stepAW 02stepAW, Δ(4239495-4255870)
04stepAW 03stepAW, Δ(1198444-1225484)
05stepAW 04stepAW, Δ(1630054-1640180), Δ(1641770-1649361)
06stepAW 05stepAW, Δ(518367-533048), Δ(535841-550551), Δ(564277-608454)
07stepAW 06stepAW, Δ(3486428-3496908), Δ(3536156-3549686), Δ(3556478-3576238)
08stepBW 07stepAW, Δ(2984498-3032266)
09stepAW 08stepBW, Δ(244301-253746), Δ(262300-387867), Δ(389475-404039)
10stepCW 09stepAW, Δ(3697305-3709526), Δ(3762909-3772816), Δ(3774088-3785257)
11stepBW 10stepCW, Δ(1963664-1992215), Δ(1995801-2027348), Δ(2032588-2043515), Δ(2068289-2081066), Δ(2103532-2115203)
12stepEW 11stepBW, Δ(2754815-2788618), Δ(2794312-2800028), Δ(2824452-2829398)
13stepDW 12stepEW, Δ(3361081-3370891)
14stepAγW 13stepDW, Δ(2145403-2186994), Δ(2199808-2228989), Δ(2255035-2262631)
15stepEγW 14stepAγW, Δ(3076224-3078055)
16stepBγW 15stepEγW, Δ(4501438-4514770), Δ(4523114-4604874)
17stepBγW 16stepBγW, Δ(729157-739929)
18stepBγW 17stepBγW, Δ(4414768-4428387)
19stepGW 18stepBγW, Δ(4003005-4021346)
20stepCW 19stepGW, Δ(832889-848426), Δ(867975-883810), Δ(891335-909716)
21stepGW 20stepCW, Δ(3164770-3172081)
22stepEW 21stepGW, Δ(675440-689710)
23stepAW 22stepEW, Δ(2422504-2433237), Δ(2471991-2481621)
24stepAW 23stepAW, Δ(4170563-4186908)
25stepBW 24stepAW, Δ(2385401-2394610)
26stepAW 25stepBW, Δ(3411500-3421220)
27stepAW 26stepAW, Δ(2909410-2909709)
MGF-01W 27stepAW, Δ(167401-173315)
MGF-01WS MGF-01W, ilvG::(functional ilvG from E.coliB), pyrE::(functional pyrE from E.coliB)
MGF-01K-S MGF-01WS, 【Δ(4239495-4255870)::wild, this region was restored】
MGF-02W MGF-01W, Δ(640669-659192), Δ(2921194-2943638), Δ(65857-78797), Δ(4128291-4141015), Δ(1853580-1864142), Δ(3794688-3803458), Δ(3224890-3240400), Δ(4055372-4061465), Δ(1875288-1888499), Δ(2876630-2876783), Δ(2599858-2613439)
MGF-02WS MGF-02W, ilvG::(functional ilvG from E.coliB), pyrE::(functional pyrE from E.coli B)
MGF-02WSΔ234::SC MGF-02WS, Δ(2921194-2943638)::(sacB, cat)
W3110S W3110, ilVG::(functional ilvG from E.coliB), pyr::(functional pyrE from E.coli B)
DGF-327WΔ234::SC MGF-02WSΔ234::SC, Δ(1651508-1657863), Δ(2494688-2513688), Δ(3871777-3914528), Δ(4447062-4453719), Δ(1592568-1599800), Δ(3746428-3751980), Δ(1296003-1308864), Δ(1098128-1117068), Δ(1522387-1543782), Δ(15445-16903), Δ(19646-20508), Δ(1359517-1368530), Δ(2519718-2523278), Δ(2909410-2909709), Δ(3183787-3188521), Δ(2289724-2293603), Δ(2411459-2412234), Δ(2091353-2091607), Δ(3987068-3989225), Δ(2091353-2091607), Δ(3987068-3989225), Δ(3918367-3923869), Δ(3932710-3938551)
DGF-298WΔ100::revΔ234::SC DGF-327WΔ234::SC, Δ(2361574-2382929), Δ(1130992-1142564), Δ(2836910-2855462), Δ(3730114-3742029), Δ(3058023-3068464), Δ(3258359-3269672), Δ(1607823-1624231), Δ(1582557-1592251), Δ(1396605-1520045), Δ(4281498-4291254), Δ(4298072-4366613), Δ(747145-753217), Δ(3918091-3969123), 【Δ(2909410-2909709)::wild, this region was restored】
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