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Keio Collection - About

About Keio Collection

Keio collection will be dispatched with kanamycin resistance cassette in each locus. This will help you to isolate the strain by the antibiotic resistance. Please excise the cassette by the recipient.

Attention!! Gene disruption was not occurred in 25 strains in the Keio collection

Attention!! Gene disruption was not occurred in 25 strains in the Keio collection, which was reported in
Yamamoto N et al. (2009) Mol Systems Biol, doi:10.1038/msb.2009.92.
List of the strains was following.
Undisrupted strains

We have noticed that JW2409(ptsI) strains of KEIO collection had a problem. We have replaced with correct one. (November, 2009)

non-commercial research use

NBRP distributes Keio collection and ASKA clones (GFP-) to Non-commercial users.
Please contact below if you do not belong to non-commercial organizations.

Center for Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration, Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Tel: +81-743-72-5191
FAX: +81-743-72-5194
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