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Name Description Request
1ml of TSS (approximately 10 uses) Transformation solution for iVEC.
Composition of 1ml of TSS (approximately 10 uses)
0.5 ml L broth
0.4 ml 2xTSS
0.1 ml DMSO
Store at 4℃
The composition of L broth and 2x TSS is as follows.
Composition of L broth (100 ml) Composition of 2xTSS (10 ml)
1g Bacto Triptone
0.5 g Bacto Yeast Extract
0.5 g NaCl
Adjust to 100 ml with H2O
Adjust pH to 7 with NaOH
Autoclave at 120℃ for 15 minutes
2g PEG8000
1ml 1M MgSO4
2.5ml 80% glycerol
Adjust to 10ml with L broth
Autoclave at 120℃ for 15 minutes
Mix thoroughly before use
Store at 4℃