MTA Form1 Sample

  • ME Collection, JE Collection, IH E.coli Mutant Collection, Mobile Plasmid Collection, Cosmid Collection, pLC Plasmid Collection, Large-scale chromosomal deletion mutants (Tokyo Metropolitan University Group), Transposon insertion disruptant, Phage, Cloning Vector Collection

    < For non-commercial /academic research>
  • With MTA Form 1, the MTA can now be concluded online.
    The Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) will be attached to your confirmation email.
    This would complete the MTA process.
    You do not have to submit the paper form of MTA.
    • <For commercial entities>
    • The transfer of materials to commercial entities is usually managed on a case-by-case basis and are designed to reflect the nature of the intended use of the material by the recipient. Prices also may vary in individual cases. NIG INNOVATION at National Institute of Genetics will be contacting you for more details and provide the most appropriate agreement for a given situation.
    • <Contact>: NIG INNOVATION, National Institute of Genetics
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