MTA Form3 Sample

  • KHK Collection

  • Material Transfer Agreement(MTA) form3 will be attached to your request confirmation e-mail.

    The research group representative in charge should print out the MTA, fill in the required information (in red frames), sign it and post 2 original copies to the following address. DO NOT send by e-mail.
  • After we receive the MTA Form3, your order will be completed and we will prepare your shipment.However, you can let us know about your order in advance by fax(+81-55-981-5832).
  • Please send to: NIG INNOVATION, National Institute of Genetics
    1111 Yata, Mishima, Shizuoka, 411-8540 Japan
  • We do not attach MTA format for those who applied from company based institute. We will contact you from the NIG INNOVATION shortly.
  • Inquiry for MTA Form3: NIG INNOVATION, National Institute of Genetics,
    e-mail: TEL: +81-55-981-5835