About shipment

  1. How much are the reagents?
  2. How we are sending them?
  3. Sending Costs?
  4. How they are look like?
  5. How long does it take?

1. How much are the reagents?
A fee for strains will be charged. (Refer to the Price List for the charges.)
Payment must be made by credit card (VISA or MASTER).
(Shipping fees should be paid on delivery and will not be charged to your credit card.)
Strain request for private use will be charged double the amount.
2. How we are sending them?
For customers abroad, we send them via FedEX, pay on arrival.
3. Sending Costs?
Sending costs must be paid by recipients.
In any situation on re-sending the resource, NBRP would not cover the shipping cost. Although NBRP may cover the fee for the strains, In principle, the shipping cost is charged on recipient.
4. How they are look like?
<E.coli strains>
We send strains with either filter-embedded form, agar plates (colony), or 96-well frozen plates (glycerol stock).
Filter and agar plates are shipped at normal temperature.
96-well plates are shipped with dry ice.
If the whole set of library is ordered, we will dispatch on agar plates or 96-well plates.

Please refer "Photo of plate" for the format of the agar plates
Please store the agar plates at 4 degrees and make your own stocks within 2 weeks.

Please refer "Photo of 96-well plate"for the format of the 96-well plates.
As for the 96-well formats, store the plates at -80°C as soon as possible after arriving.

Please refer "How to recover the cells"for handling the filters.
If you store the filter at 4 degrees, please transfer onto an agar plate within 4 weeks, and if you store at -80°C, please do so within 8 weeks.

We send them in plastic tubes.

We send phage lysate with filter embedded form.

We send them in plastic tubes at room temperature.
5. How long does it take?
We dispatch the strains within a month after NIG INNOVATION accept your MTA document.
Some strains using MTA Form1 can be dispatched before we receive the MTA.
Please check state by "Tracking System".