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About ASKA Clone

  • Host Cell  AG1(ME5305)
    ASKA clone was made on the basis of the sequence of W3110 genome (GenBank ID: AP009048.1). Therefore, some genes are different from that of MG1655.
    AG1, the host strain of ASKA library has auxotrophy for thiamine and histidine. Please add 1 μg/ml of thiamine and 40 μg/ml of histidine into the medium, when you use minimal medium.

AG1(pCA24N, -gfp) Additional Information

GFP gene is removed by Notl digestion followed by self-ligation.
DNA Research 12, 291-299(2005)

License Agreement Non-Commercial Use of GFP

Please read "License Agreement Non-Commercial Use of GFP".

For those who are going to request ASKA clones GFP (+), We are only able to distribute ASKA clones GFP (+) to Non-commercial users.
This is due to the licencing contract on GFP by GE Healthcare Ltd..
Please contact below if you do not belong to non-commercial organisations.

NIG INNOVATION, National Institute of Genetics
Tel: +81(0)55-981-5835
FAX: +81(0)55-981-5832
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non-commercial research use

NBRP distributes Keio collection and ASKA clones (GFP-) to Non-commercial users.
Please contact below if you do not belong to non-commercial organizations.

Center for Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration, Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Tel: +81-743-72-5191
FAX: +81-743-72-5194
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