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About ASKA Clone

  • Host Cell  AG1(ME5305)
    ASKA clone was made on the basis of the sequence of W3110 genome (GenBank ID: AP009048.1). Therefore, some genes are different from that of MG1655.
    AG1, the host strain of ASKA library has auxotrophy for thiamine and histidine. Please add 1 μg/ml of thiamine and 40 μg/ml of histidine into the medium, when you use minimal medium.

AG1(pCA24N, -gfp) Additional Information

GFP gene is removed by Notl digestion followed by self-ligation.
DNA Research 12, 291-299(2005)

non-commercial research use

Regarding Distribution of Keio collection, ASKA clones, and Gateway entry Clone library
Keio collection, ASKA clones, and Gateway entry clone library will be available only for academic research at non-profit organizations.