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Transposon insertion disruptant (cis partial doublet strain) - Detail

Strain No JD13506
Insertion site (inserted after) 2749410
MG1655 Gene name nadK  pecIcon.gif: linked to the PEC(Profiling of E.coli Chromosome).
001    xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx
071    xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx
141    xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxtc  caccgcctat  tccctctctg
211    caggcggtcc  tattctgacc  ccctctctgg  atgcgattac  cctggtgccc  atgttcccgc  atacgttgtc
281    agcacgacca  ctggtcataa  acagcagcag  cacgatccgt  ctgcgttttt  cgcatcgccg  taacgacctg
351    gaaatcagtt  gcgacagcca  gatagcactg  ccgattcagg  aaggtgaaga  tgtcctgatt  cgtcgctgtg
421    attaccatct  gaatctgatt  catccgaaag  attacagtta  tttcaacaca  ttaagcacca  agctcggctg
491    gtcaaaaaa