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Transposon insertion disruptant (cis partial doublet strain) - Detail

Strain No JD13500
Insertion site (inserted after) 2744126
MG1655 Gene name rpsP  pecIcon.gif: linked to the PEC(Profiling of E.coli Chromosome).
001    xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx
071    xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xtgcattacg
141    gctgtcagcg  acaacaacct  ggtagaacgg  acgcttttta  gcgccgtgac  gtgctaaacg  aatagttacc
211    ataacatcct  cttgtgtgaa  taaaacaacc  ggaccccatc  gaggaacgga  gtccggtgtc  atattaaaag
281    cccgaaaatt  ttactcattt  ttgcgggaat  tgcaatcaac  agttgctaac  tctgctgtaa  aaggccgtcg
351    gcggtgcagc  cagtttggtg  ccggagtgcg  cgcagtcacc  ggagcgtaca  cgcagtacgt  gaggatgacg
421    agcacatccc  ggtgccaaaa  tggcaaacaa  gccaggccga  ttagcgacca  ggg