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Transposon insertion disruptant (cis partial doublet strain) - Detail

Strain No JD13498
Insertion site (inserted after) 2743821
MG1655 Gene name rimM  pecIcon.gif: linked to the PEC(Profiling of E.coli Chromosome).
001    tatxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx
071    xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx
141    xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  ctttcggcgt  cttcggtgga
211    agaaaacact  ctgagccacc  cacgaatacc  gtaagacgaa  cnnatttttc  ccaaaacgat  gggatcaaca
281    ggtgcttgcc  cggtgagttg  tttgctcatc  atgaccaccg  tgacagatta  agctgctttg  tttacttctt
351    tgatcagcgc  agcaacgcga  tcagaaatag  ttgcgccctg  gccaacccag  tgagcgatgc  gatccagatc
421    caggcgagtg  ccttcttctt  tttngctagc  gattgggttg  aagaaaccaa  cgcgctcgat  gaagcgaccg
491    ttgcgtgcat  tacngctgtc  agncgacaac  aacctggtag  aacggacgct