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Transposon insertion disruptant (cis partial doublet strain) - Detail

Strain No JD10338
Insertion site (inserted after) 98454
MG1655 Gene name ftsW  pecIcon.gif: linked to the PEC(Profiling of E.coli Chromosome).
001    tggtxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx
071    xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx
141    xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxtactg  aatcctggca  ggcgcggcat  tttcaggcga
211    gggagagata  aacgcatcaa  cctaactcct  tcgccagacg  ggcaaactca  ttgcctcgtt  gttcaaagtt
281    cttgaactga  tcaaggctgg  cacaggctgg  ggagagcaga  accatatcgc  ccggctgaac  acgcggagcc
351    agcaagcgca  tcgcctgttc  catagtttcg  gtttgttctg  ccacttccgg  gcgtagcgcc  gccagctgcg
421    cgccgtcacg  accgaaacaa  tacagacgta  cgttatcgcc  attcangtaa  cgcgccagtg  ggctaaagtc
491    cgccgattta  ccatcgccac  ccagc