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Transposon insertion disruptant (cis partial doublet strain) - Detail

Strain No JD18472
Insertion site (inserted after) 94761
MG1655 Gene name murF  pecIcon.gif: linked to the PEC(Profiling of E.coli Chromosome).
001    xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx
071    xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx
141    xxxxxxxagc  ccggcgtcag  ttttcgggta  tcagtggtta  cagcatcaag  ggtgatatct  gcaccttgca
211    gttcaccgnt  gagaatgtcg  gnaagttggc  taagggttac  gctaatcatg  caatcacccc  cagcagacgc
281    gccaccgtga  cgcgatcgga  gtagtccaga  cgctgattgc  caacaatctg  gnaatcttca  tggcctttgc
351    ccgcgaccag  taccacatca  ttctctttag  cctgcataac  ggcgcaagtc  accgcttcag  cacggccttc
421    catcactttg  gcatgtccgg  catctaacat  tc