Gene Mutants - Detail

ME No. ME8081
Strain Name AB1886,CGSC1886
Sex F-
Plasmid Integrated
Plasmid Autonomous
Genotype uvrA6 thr-1 leuB6 thi-1 argE3 his-4 proA2 lacY1 galK2 mtl-1 xyl-5 ara-14 rpsL31 tsx-33 supE44
Parent Donor AB1157
Parent Recipient
Latest Marker
Source P. Howard, CGSC(B.Bachmann & M.Berlin)
Reference Howard-Flanders P, Boyce RP, Theriot L.
Three loci in Escherichia coli K-12 that control the excision of pyrimidine dimers and certain other mutagen products from DNA.
Genetics  (1966)  53(6)   1119-36  
[PubMed ID = 5335128]  [RRC reference
Hishida T, Han YW, Shibata T, Kubota Y, Ishino Y, Iwasaki H, Shinagawa H.
Role of the Escherichia coli RecQ DNA helicase in SOS signaling and genome stabilization at stalled replication forks.
Genes Dev  (2004)  18(15)   1886-97  
[PubMed ID = 15289460]  [RRC reference
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