Gene Mutants - Detail

ME No. ME7973
Strain Name MC4100 (λOF-0)
Sex F-
Plasmid Integrated
Plasmid Autonomous
Prophage λ+ λOF-0 carrying an operon fusion PrpoH-lacZ
Genotype Δ(argF-lac)U169 araD139 rpsL150 thiA1 relA1 flbB5301 deoC1 ptsF25 rbsR
Parent Donor
Parent Recipient MC4100
Methods OTHER METHODSLysogenization
Latest Marker Prophage λOF-0 carrying an operon fusion PrpoH-lacZ
Reference Nagai H, Yuzawa H, Yura T.
Interplay of two cis-acting mRNA regions in translational control of sigma 32 synthesis during the heat shock response of Escherichia coli.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A  (1991)  88(23)   10515-9  
[PubMed ID = 1961716]  [RRC reference
Culture Condition L broth at 37C
Other Remarks λ prophage reporter for transcription from the rpoH promoters