Gene Mutants - Detail

ME No. ME9561
Strain Name AQ9806
Sex F-
Plasmid Integrated
Plasmid Autonomous
Genotype thr-1 leuB6 thi-1 lacY1 galK2 ara-4 xyl-5 mtl-1 proA2 his-60 argE3 rpsL31 tsx-33 supE44 recB21 recC22 sbcA23 priA1::kan
Parent Donor AQ8845
Parent Recipient AQ3625
Methods TD./PI
Latest Marker filamentous, priA1
Selection Km-r
Reference Kogoma T, Cadwell GW, Barnard KG, Asai T.
The DNA replication priming protein, PriA, is required for homologous recombination and double-strand break repair.
J Bacteriol  (1996)  178(5)   1258-64  
[PubMed ID = 8631700]  [RRC reference
Culture Condition Recommended medium:
M9 salts glucose medium supplemented with Arg (100μg/ml), Thr (100μg/ml), Leu (100μg/ml), Trp (100μg/ml), His (100μg/ml), Pro (100μg/ml), Thymine (20μg/ml), Thiamine (2μg/ml).
Other Remarks Possible Ls (Srm) strain: sensitive for rich media. Kogoma and Meyenburg., 1983, EMBO J., 2, 463-468. Ogawa et al., 1984, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA., 81, 1040-1044.
Further information: Kowalczykowski et al., 1994, Microbiol. Rev., 58, 401-465. Kogoma T., 1997, Micrbiol. Mol. Biol. Rev., 61, 212-238.