Keio コレクション - 詳細

Resource No (JW ID) genobase.gif JW3883-KC
Gene Name  cpxR
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文献 Ogasawara H, Yamada K, Kori A, Yamamoto K, Ishihama A.
Regulation of the Escherichia coli csgD promoter: interplay between five transcription factors.
Microbiology (Reading, Engl.)  (2010)  156(Pt 8)   2470-83  
[PubMed ID = 20466769]  [RRC文献情報
Sikdar R, Simmons AR, Doerrler WT.
Multiple envelope stress response pathways are activated in an Escherichia coli strain with mutations in two members of the DedA membrane protein family.
J. Bacteriol.  (2012)  195(1)   12-24  
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