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Resource No (JW ID) genobase.gif JW2203-KC
Gene Name  ompC
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Reference Saito A, Hizukuri Y, Matsuo E, Chiba S, Mori H, Nishimura O, Ito K, Akiyama Y.
Post-liberation cleavage of signal peptides is catalyzed by the site-2 protease (S2P) in bacteria.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A  (2011)  108(33)   13740-5  
[PubMed ID = 21810987]  [RRC reference
Beketskaia MS, Bay DC, Turner RJ.
Outer membrane protein OmpW participates with small multidrug resistance protein member EmrE in quaternary cationic compound efflux.
J Bacteriol  (2014)  196(10)   1908-14  
[PubMed ID = 24633876]  [RRC reference
Murata M, Noor R, Nagamitsu H, Tanaka S, Yamada M.
Novel pathway directed by σ E to cause cell lysis in Escherichia coli.
Genes Cells  (2012)  17(3)   234-47  
[PubMed ID = 22251246]  [RRC reference
Hizukuri Y, Akiyama Y.
PDZ domains of RseP are not essential for sequential cleavage of RseA or stress-induced σ(E) activation in vivo.
Mol Microbiol  (2012)  86(5)   1232-45  
[PubMed ID = 23016873]  [RRC reference