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Resource No (JW ID) genobase.gif JW0761-KC
Gene Name  bioD
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Reference Magliano P, Flipphi M, Arpat BA, Delessert S, Poirier Y.
Contributions of the peroxisome and β-oxidation cycle to biotin synthesis in fungi.
J Biol Chem  (2011)  286(49)   42133-40  
[PubMed ID = 21998305]  [RRC reference
Cobessi D, Dumas R, Pautre V, Meinguet C, Ferrer JL, Alban C.
Biochemical and structural characterization of the Arabidopsis bifunctional enzyme dethiobiotin synthetase-diaminopelargonic acid aminotransferase: evidence for substrate channeling in biotin synthesis.
Plant Cell  (2012)  24(4)   1608-25  
[PubMed ID = 22547782]  [RRC reference
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