Culture Condition - Detail

Gene Symbol acrA
Mnemonic acridine
Synonyms Mb lir mbl mtcA sipB
Gene Product AcrAB efflux system
Selectable Phenotype sensitive to Novobiocin (5 μg/ml)
Culture Condition LB broth (Luria, S. E. et. al. 1957. J. Bacteriol. 74: 461-476)
Growth Condition L broth
Teachers Comment
Reference Coleman, W. G. et al.
J. Bacteriol. 1979. 139: 899-910
Other Phenotypes •sensitive to Acriflavine (5 μg/ml), sodium deoxycholate (8.9 mg/ml), sodium dodecylsulfate (250μg/ml), crystal violet (5 μg/ml), methylene blue (5 μg/ml), and nalidixic acid (2 μg/ml)