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Wheat Information Service No.75


I. Review
Spetsov P and Savov M:
A review on amphiploeds in the Triticeae, obtained in Bulgaria during 1950-1990,p.1

II. Articles
Davydenko OG,Terekhov AY and Fomcheko NS:
Stuctural alterations of chloroplast and mitochondrial DNA in progenies of the alloplasmic wheat with rye cytoplasm,p.7
Yang W-Y,Yen C and Yang J-L: Cytogenetic study on the origin of some special Chinese Iandraces of common wheat,p.14
Tsvetkov SM: An attempt to transferring stem solidity of Triticum estivum to triticale (2n=6x=42)..Investigation in F1,p.21
Tsvetkov S: An attempt to transferring stem solidity of Triticum aestivum to triticale (2n=6x=42). II. Analysis in F2-F4,p.26
Tsvetkov S: Utilization of short-stemmed common wheat,Tom Pouce Blanc for common and durum wheat breeding. I. Analysis in F1 and F2,p.31
Zheng Y-L,Luo M-C and Yen C and Yang J-L: Chromosome location of a new crossability gene in common wheat,p.36
Gupta S,Gupta AK and Saini RG: Inheritance of resistance to leaf rust (Puccinia recondita f.sp.tritici) in two durum wheats,p.41
Singh KN and Chatrath R: Genetic variability in grain yield and component characters and their association under salt stress conditions in tissue culture liness of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L. em. Thell),p.46
Gupta AP,Malik RS and Behl RK: Phosphorus utilization by induced high temperature tolerant wheat,p.54
Zamanis A,Efthymiadis P,Stavropoulos N and Samaras S: First report on occurrence of Aegilops ventricosa Tausch in Greece,p.57
Singh D: Storage effect on seeding characters of monosomics in wheat,p.63
Chhabra BS,Yadava TP and Behl RK:
Variability for seed ageing and storability in wheat,p.68

III. Genetic Stocks
Zamanis A,Efthymadis P,Stavropoulos N and Samaras S:
List of indigenous Ae.comosa accessions maintained in the Greek Gene Bank,p.72

IV. Information
International Wheat Genetic Symposium, Beijing,p.75
International Congress of Genetics, Birmingham,p.75
International Botanical Congress, okyo,p.76
International Workshop on Rice Molecular Biology,p.76
T.Tsuchiya Achievement Award,p.77

V. Editiorial Remarks
Erratum of No.74,p.78
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Explanation of the picture on the cover.......... ii