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1. VIII International Wheat Genetics Symposium

(July 20-25, 1993 in Beijing, China)

The scientific program: I. Evolutionary and genome relationships of Triticeae, II. Cytogenetics, transfer of alien genetic materials, and genetic resources, III. Molecular genetics and biotechnology, IV. General genetic analysis, gene mapping and marker systems, V. Genetics of resistance to pathogens and pests, VI. Genetics of tolerance to environmental stresses, VII, Genetical approaches to breeding and the application of new breeding technologies.

Presentation of papers: All special lectures and invited papers will be presented orally or as posters. Each participant may present only one paper except when further papers are in collaboration with other registered participants.

Abstract: All participants are requested to send an abstract of their paper by November 30, 1992 to Prof. Shouyi Chen. The abstract must be typed in English. Following the receipt of abstract, contributions will be allocated to the appropriate session by the Program Committee. Contributors will be informed by January 15, 1993 whether their papers are presented in oral form or as poster demonstration. All papers will have equal consideration in the Symposium proceedings.

Manuscript: The manuscripts must be in English and prepared according to the "Notice to the Authors" enclosed with the second announcement. The deadline for receiving of manuscript is January 15, 1993 and they should be sent to Prof. Shouyi Chen.

The second announcement is now available from secretary-general of the symposium:
Prof: Shouyi Chen, Secretary-General 8th IWGS
Institute of Genetics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing 100101, China
FAX: 861-491-4896

2. Seventeenth International Congress of Genetics

(August 15-21, 1993 in Birmingham, United Kingdom)

The next International congress of Genetics, a major event in the genetics calendar, is sub-titled "Genetics and the Understanding of Life". It will be concerned with the central role of genetics in illuminating contemporary biology, as well as with the contributions that genetics can make to industry, medicine, agriculture and social sciences. A feature of the Congress will be a two-standed programme: a "Professional" programme covering as many as possible of the exciting new developments in genetics, particularly in the exploitation of molecular techniques, which have taken place since the last congress in Toronto in 1988; and a "Public awareness" programme in which important scientific, ethical and social issues will be discussed with members of the non- scientific community. The programme will attract participants from developing and developed countries alike, from East and West, and from South and North.

Contact the followings for further information and registration particulars which will be sent to you in November 1992.
Professor D. A. Smith
Research Support & Industrial Liaison, the University of Birmingham, Edgbaston,
Birmingham B15 2TT. UK.


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