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V. Editorial Remarks

The present issue containes one review and 12 research articles in addition to genetic stock informations. The describers will enjoy the successive coverages of research topics by distinguished researchers. You may recomend the subjects or writers for the reviews.

Editorial Board would appreciate to obtain increasing informations of genetic stock, including the list of cloned DNA libraries, and RFLP linkage map. Also, any informations on meeting, publications, or notice regarding wheat researches will be welcome to be printed in WIS issues.

The back numbers of WIS are aveirable for mailing costs. Some of issues are limitted in their numbers, and some of them (Nos. 4, 5, 8, 9, and 10) will be the photo-copied ones. If you would like to obtain all issues, the mailing cost by ship will be \1500. (Send additional \2000 for exchange expense in case of check).

The next issue of WIS (No.76) will be published in March 1993. Send the contributing articles, informations, records and/or opinions to the editorial office before Feburuary 15, 1993. Facsimile is convenient for business correspondence; country code of Japan 81, and FAX number is 45-715-0022.

Please notify us if you want to be newly listed or withdrawn from the mailing list.


In the review article by Dr. K. Nishikawa in the issue No.74, an erratum was included in Fig.1. For the illustration of monotelo disomic AS, the figure on the telocentric chromosome should be 1 instead of 2. Please correct this mistakes in the issue.

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