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Wheat Information Service
Number 75: 68-71 (1992)

Variability for seed ageing and storability in wheat

B. S. Chhabra, T. P. Yadava and R.K. Behl

Department of Plant Breeding, Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar-125 004, India


The pace as well as process of ageing in stored seeds largely depends on chemical composition of seeds (Mayer and PoIjokoff-Mayber 1982), storage temperature, humidity and gaseous exchange (Roos and Manalo 1970). Ageing causes stress on seeds which leads to impaired germination and loss of seedling vigour (Purkar et al 1980). Genotypic variation for seed ageing among wheat genotypes exist (Madan et al 1989). Screening of wheat genotypes for seed ageing under real storage and artificially accelerated ageing conditions would provide guide lines to ensure appropriate storage of germplasm, specific genotypes and commercial seed lots. An experiment was, therefore, conducted to know the effect of various storage conditions on genetically diverse wheat lines.

Materials and methods

Six diverse cultivars, ie, HD 2009, S 308, WH 147, WH 416, WH 283 and C 306 were stored in gunny bags (G), fertilizer bags (F) and polyethylene bags (P, 700 g) kept under ambient conditions for three years (
Table 1). The average temperature and relative humidity under ambient storage condition varied from season to season and also within a day (morningevening hours). The moisture content (%) of all the varieties at the harvest and the beginning of storage experiment was ranging from 14-15 percent and 8.50-8.75 per cent, respectively. Seed samples from each bag were drawn at 3 months interval. One hundred seeds replicated four times were germinated using rolled paper towel and kept in controlled temperature conditions at 20 + or - 2oC and relative humidity 100 per cent (approx.). The per cent germination was recorded after 7 days as per ISTA rules (Anonymous 1985).

Simultaneously, to monitor the effects of artificial stress caused by abiotic factors, seeds of all the six varieties were exposed to accelerated ageing (AA) for 72 hours at 40
+ or - 2oC and 100 per cent relative humidity (approx.) at the beginning of storage experiment. Germination tests in this experiment were also performed as mentioned above. The data were subjected to analysis of variance and treatment means were compared. Angular transformation was used to make the data linear.


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