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5. Book

Nuclear and Organellar Genomes in Wheat Species
Edited by T. Sasakuma and T. Kinoshita.
Published by Kihara Memorial Foundation.
The 333-page book is edited on the basis of the proceedings of Dr. H. Kihara memorial International Symposium on Cytoplasmic Engineering in Wheat (ISCEW) held at Sapporo in July, 1991. It containes 35 research articles in five sections, namely; 1) Historical backgrounds of cytoplasmic genetics in wheat species, 2) Nuclear genomes, 3) Organellar genomes and genes, 4) Nuclear-cytoplasmic interactions, and 5) New approaches of wheat breeding.

The contents covers ideas and informations from molecular approaches for genome analysis to classical genetics of alien gene transfer from the view points of evolution as well as wheat breeding.

The book can be purchased for \3000 (about US$20) by order to;
Kihara Memorial Foundation
Mutsukawa 3-122-20, Minami-ku, Yokohama, Japan
FAX (81) 45-715-0022

6. T. Tsuchiya Achievement Award

Colorado State University (USA) and the family of late Dr. Takumi Tsuchiya announced to found T. Tsuchiya Achievement Award.

Dr. Takumi Tsuchiya, a plant cytogeneticist, had passed away on May Ist, 1992, at Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. He had contributed to cereal genetics and cytogenetics with his excellent technology and ideas on chromosomes, especially on the establishment of barley trisomic series, as well as on karyotyping and aneuploid analysis.

The award will be given each year to the outstanding graduate student studying plant genetics or related area. If you have- an interest in assisting us in the development of this endowed award in memory of Dr. Takumi Tsuchiya, send your contribution to the Colorado State University Foundation, c/o T. Tsuchiya Achievement Award, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523 USA.


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