About WGR

The WGR (Worldwide Genetic Resources) comprises URL links to bioresource (genetic resources and experimental materials) related public websites.
Each link or data is composed of (1) the related species name, (2) the database name, (3) the organization name, (4) the website address and (5) keywords for the website. A search can be carried out on all the contents of these data fields.
There are 2 types of keywords. Icons with an orange outer ring indicate that users can place orders for the related resource at the website. While icons with a blue outer ring indicate that users can only obtain information from the website.

We perform daily checks for broken links. We also update the contents of our site whenever it is possible but our efforts alone are not sufficient. We need help from you, our end users. Please inform us by filling in this form if you would like to recommend a website to us.

UWe will review the recommended site and add it to our database within a day or two. We would also appreciate feedback from you, especially on the suitability of the keywords.
We, the staff of WGR sincerely hope that WGR will develop into a useful website for you.