4.5.3 Dye injection

Misato Fujita
Tokyo Institute of Technology General information

Confocal microangiography method has difficulties in imaging deep or complicated areas. These limitations are compensated by the berlin-blue dye (Wako) injected embryos (Ura, 1944). Preparation

  1. Prepare 0.75 % berlin-blue dye solution in deionized distilled water.
  2. Prepare the grass microinjection needles by grass capillaries using a vertical pipette puller. Dye injection

  1. Dechorionate the required staged embryos by manipulation.
  2. Anesthetize the dechorionated embryo with 0.84% tricaine (Sigma).
  3. Tear the yolk for ease of injection and incise the heart to allow blood drainage.
  4. Inject the berin-blue dye with the grass microinjection needle from the dorsal aorta.
  5. Fix the injected embryo in 4% paraformaldehyde.
  6. The specimens are observed through the stereomicroscope. Reference

Ura R (1944). The development of the blood vascular systems. Nisshin Igaku 33:130-143.

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