2.3.2 Culture of brine shrimp

Yuko Wakamatsu
Nagoya University General information

This protocol will provide dairy food sufficient for a scale of breeding which deals with approximately 5,000-10,000 fish in 5,000 of 15 liter-tanks. Large-scale culture of brine shrimp

  1. Prepare 28 liters of 2.2% salt solution in the hatching tank (see attached photo).
  2. Put 120 grams of brine shrimp eggs.
  3. Incubate them at 25ºC with bubbling overnight.
  4. Stop bubbling and stand for 5-10min to separate hatched larvae (lower) from unhatched eggs and eggshells (upper).
  5. Collect only the hatched larvae from the bottom of the hatching tank.
  • If you keep them in 2.2% salt solution with bubbling, they will survive several hours.

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