1.3.1 Food

Yuko Wakamatsu
Nagoya University General information

I present here a part of our medaka breeding protocol. Please refer to other sections in 1. Keeping medaka to see the overall breeding procedure. Using the procedure, in our hands more than 80% of medaka fry reach the adult stage 1.5 to 2 months after hatching. Artificial food

  • Foods with a small diameter are suitable. We use artificial feeds with small particle size (300m in diameter) (Otohime 1, Nisshin Feed, Tokyo) for adults, and smaller particles (100m in diameter), prepared from the adult food by grinding and passing through a sieve, or an artificial food with small particle size (Fry Feed Kyowa A, Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co. Ltd., Tokyo) for larvae and young fry. Live food

  • Paramecium is a good feed for larvae.
    Please refer to 2.7.1 culture of paramecium.
  • We also use brine shrimp larvae as feed for fish from two weeks of hatching to the adult stage. Please refer to 2.9.1 culture of brine shrimp.

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