4.4.2 Calcein and Alizarin complexone staining

Yoshiyuki Nemoto
Tokyo Institute of Technology General information

Alizarin complexone(red fluorescent dye) and calcein(green fluorescent dye) staining are vital dyes that stain calcification tissues. Reagents and equipments

Stock solutions:

  • Calcein staining 0.5% Calcein, 0.2M NaOH
  • Alizarin complexone staining 0.5% Alizarin complexone(ALC) , 0.2M KOH

Staining solution:

  • Each stock solution is freshly prepared at 20µl/ml of medaka ringer. Method

  1. Larva(and adult fish) are incubated in staining solution.
  2. Wash several times with medaka ringer.
  3. Fluorescent is monitored microscopically with FITC(calcein) or G(ALC) filter set.

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