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Wheat Information Seavice No.77


I. Review Article
Scientific contributions of Dr.Hitoshi Kihara to wheat study-on the occation of his centenial,p.1

II. Articles
T.Koba and T.Shimada:
Crossability of common wheat with Aegilops squarrosa,p.7
Genlou Sun,Chi Yen and Junliang Yang:Intermeiocyte connections and cytomixis in intergeneric hybrids.… .Triticum aestivum~Psathyrostachys huashanica Keng,p.13
William A.Bersonsky:Detection of quadrivalents in Brazilian wheateFrondosof,p.19
Sanjiv Gupta and A.K.Gupta:Characterization of hexaploid derivatives for Nel and Ne2 necrotic genes of wheat,p.23
Y.L.Zheng,C.Yen and J.L.Yang:Monosomic analysis for total and sterile floret number per spike in the multispikelet line 10-A of common wheat,p.25
F.Zhao,H.Li,Z.Guo and L.Sun:Studies on the male sterility in wheat (Triticum aesitvum) induced by two new chemical hybridzing agents;EK and ES,p.29
C.P.S.Chauhan and S.P.Singh:Wheat cultivation under saline irrigation,p.33
K.Nishikawa,T.Ban and Y.Furuta:Telocentric mapping of ƒ¿-amylase loci in wheat,p.39

III. Report
Shouyi Chen:A report on the 8th International wheat Genetics Symposium(Beijing,China),p.46

IV. Information
Plant genome … ,p.47
Triticale symposium,p.47
Symposium on Preharvest-sprouting,p.47

V. Editorial Remarks,p.48