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Wheat Information Service
Number 77: 48 (1993)

V. Editorial Remarks

We are glad to be able to publish the present issue in the centennial year of Dr. Hitoshi Kihara, who is the founder of Wheat Information Service. It was in 1953 on the occasion of the 9th International Congress of Genetics held at Bellagio, Italy, 26 geneticists, representatives of 19 counties, who were interested in wheat genetics, met to discuss several issues concerning wheat genetics with Dr. H. Kihara as chairperson including publication of an international journal and international wheat genetics symposium. Wheat Information Service was so born in 1954 that will cerebrate 40 year anniversary. This is very much indebted to Dr. Kihara for his initiative, as well as international cooperation.

But we are not free from problems for publishing WIS. The followings were some suggestion, proposal, or opinion which were sent to WIS during the last 8 IWGS at Beijing.

(1) The name of WIS should be changed to "Wheat Science", "Journal of Wheat Research" or other.
(2) WIS should accept such articles or reports as the other "leading" journals could not accept because of contents like biometrical data, characteristics of genetic stocks, or evaluation of genetic resources.
(3) WIS should be published more often, 3-4 volumes per year.
(4) Information from molecular analysis (DNA clones) should be included.
(5) Contributed articles could be reviewed internationally.
(6) Publication coast should be covered by subscribers. (Of course donation is very much welcome.)
(7) Continuous publication is the most important.

Thank you very much for these valuable suggestion.
Managing Staffs
Nishikawa, Sasakuma, Tsujimoto

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