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Symbol Chr.No Map Name Explanation Allele S R
dep depressed Gene affecting body shape in thorax.Spontaneous; second segment depressed. The portion just behind eye spots pigmented dark brown. Manifests usually together with ps. Semi-lethal.
Df Dominant dwarf Gene controlling growth speed.Spontaneous; larval development remarkably retarded, frequently with abnormal markings. Homozygous lethal.
Df-t 20 11 Tsujita's dwarf Gene affecting body size.γ-ray induced;larval growth retarded, homozygotes die as embryos; significantly reduce crossing over frequencies, might be accompanied with chromosomal aberration. 1
Dh 11 0 diapause hormone and pheromone biosynthesis-activating neuropeptide (DH-PBAN) Spontaneous;Diapause hormone of the silkworm PBAN, DhA, DhB and DhCwith diffirent size in intron-5.
DhA 11 0 DH-PBAN (type A) see Dh Allele Of Dh
DhB 11 0 DH-PBAN (type B) see Dh Allele Of Dh
DhC 11 0 DH-PBAN (type C) see Dh Allele Of Dh
Di 14 43.2 Dirty Gene affecting larval marking pattern.Spontaneous;irregular dark brown lines and dots cover the body surface, regions of crescents and star spots lack pigment hence remained as white patterns on blackish background when homozygous; combined with p no pigment on the skin. See also U. 2
Dp 10 24.1 Dilute purple Gene affecting color of serosa cells.Spontaneous; pigments in serosa cells light-purple. Compound eye colored black. 1
Dp-2 10 25.5 Dilute purple 2 Gene affecting color of serosa cells.Spontaneous; like Dp, located separately on same chromosome. ( old name, Dp' ) 1
Dus 10 3.9 Star spots duplication Gene controlling star spots in larval.Spontaneous;a pair of additional star spots on ninth segment, penetrance low; homozygotes die as embryos lacking head capsule. 1
dw lethal dwarf Gene affecting larval development in first instar.Spontaneous; larvae growth retarded around day 3 of 1st instar, die without molting. Homozygous lethal.
dw-k 10 0 dwarf-k Gene affecting larval development XXXX young larval stages.Spontaneous;larvae slow growing and dwarf. 1
e 1 36.4 Spontaneous;fourth and fifth segments of larva elongated, intersegmental membrane fully stretched. 4
E 6 21.1 Plain extra-legs Individuales with this gene affects supernumerary or deficient legs on specific segments along with abnormalities in the position and number of the prominent paired crescent markings on abdorminal segment 2, and stars on 5. So far, about 40 or more mutants manifesting similar traits have been discovered. Genes of those have been mapped at 21.1 CM of 6th linkage groups, however they often had crossing over event at very low frequency. Hence, they are called E-pseudo-allelic gene group.
According to exsperiments of some mutant in those, this E locus have been identified as the silkworm homologue of the bithorax homeotic gene complex of D. melanogaster.
Many are embryonic lethals as homozygotes and exhibit abnormalities in tracheal patterns, cocoon shapes, gonad development and wings.Spontaneous; Rudimentary crescents and extra abdominal legs on fourth and fifth segments star spots present.
E-tr Tr-extra-legs X-ray induced;extra abdominal legs on fourth (not always) and fifth segments, penetrance low homo-lethal. 1
EAl 6 21.1 Extra-abdominal legs and extra crscents Spontaneous; extra legs on 4th and 5th segments, additional crescents on 4th segment. Homozygous moths predominantly sterile in both sexs. Allele Of E
ECa 6 21.1 Additional crescents Spontaneous; Additional crescents on 6th segment, star spots absent. Homozyous embryo lacks abdominal legs, lethal. Allele Of E 3
ECd 6 21.1 Cd-double crescents X-ray induced; additional crescents on 4th segment. Homozygous absent abdominal legs, lethal. Allele Of E 1
ECl 6 21.1 Double crescents and supernumerary legs MNU induced; additional crescents on 4th segment, supernumerary legs on 4th and 5th segment. Homozygous lethal. Allele Of E 1
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