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Symbol Chr.No Map Name Explanation Allele S R
Ch1-2 2 ? Chorion protein 1・2 Gene controlling chorion proteins.Spontaneous; multigene family comprising one large gene cluster that encodes eggshell proteins involving A, B (middle) and Hc (late) groups; locates in vicinity (1 - 2 m.u.) and to the left of Gr (6.9).
Ch3 18 0 Chorion protein 3 Gene controlling chorion proteins.Spontaneous; smaller Chorion gene cluster consisting largely of early genes involving A, B and C groups; locates ca. 4 m.u. apart to the right of Ch1-2.
chp 13 9.6 chocolate purple Spontaneous; like ch, light color than ch, necessive to ch, recessive to ch-2. Allele Of ch
ci 20 21.9 citrus colored egg Spontaneous; serosa cells pigmented bitten orange color. Allele to b-4 gene. Allele Of b-4
CI 12 7.2 Inner layer yellow When combined with yellow blood(Y), inner layers of cocoon yellow. Allelic to C. Allele Of C 34
CI-GrL 2 Epistatic gene to I-GrL Gene relating to chorion formation.Spontaneous; suppresses inhibitory action of I-GrL (old symbol, E-GreL)
cl 21 ? chela Gene affecting wing formation.Spontaneous; wing buds inflated with lymph and protrude laterally from body like cf; penetrance low; swollen pupal wings fragile and liable to bleed. 1
cm 20 41.9 maternal chocolate Gene controlling skin color of new hatched larva.Spontaneous;newly hatched larvae from eggs laid by homozygous mother pale-reddish brown irrespective of their own genotype, feeding third instar, less conspicuous in grown larvae; homozygotes die as embryos: GlR (Glossy retarded) larvae reddish brown and lustrous at every molting stage, body spindle shaped; homo-lethal. 2
co ? ? constricted Gene affecting body shape and pigmentation grown larva.Spontaneous;Each segment constricted in central part, due to annular concentration of pigments. 1
cot 15 25 contracticle Gene affecting body shape and reactivity for outer stimulation.Spontaneous;larvae stout; when touched softly contract body by two-thirds and fall down vomiting gut juice, stay still for a while; moths hold wings upwards and fall down on touch, difficult to copulate. See also sol. 2
cp compressed Gene relating to segment feature.Spontaneous;Each segment contracted.Morphological features simillar to nucleopolyhedrosis. Manifests first at 4th instar, and become distinct at 5th instar.
cru 25 ? ruffled cocoon Gene affecting feature of cocoon surface.Spontaneous;cocoon surface rough and uneven. 5
Cry1Ab 15 ? tentative name: resistance to toxin of BT Cry1Ab Gene relating to resistance for toxin of Bacillus thuringiensis.Spontaneous; hight resistance to toxin( typeσ) from Bacillus thuringiensisCry1Ab.
CSt 12 7.2 Straw color When combined with yellow blood(Y), both other and inner layers of cocoon are faint-yellow simillar to straw color. Allelic to C. Allele Of C 2
Ct Dominant constricted Gene relating to body shape in young larva.Spontaneous; Each segment contractable from 2nd to 4th instar.
cts 16 4.6 cheek and tail spots Gene affecting color in head and dorsal region of anal leg.Spontaneous;chocolate-colored spots on both sides of head cuticle and on anal plates in the last larval instar, but not manifested when young. 5
cv constricted vagina v Gene controlling formation of vagina with cd.Spontaneous; female incapable of oviposition when combined with cd. Male sterile.
Cw Curled wing Gene for formation of anterior wing.Spontaneous;forewings curled at margin; dominance incomplete.
Cyc 6 21.1 Cycrops (tentative name) Gene affecting manifestiation of larval marking and wing formation.Spontaneous; no crescent and star marking, but eye marking detected only midline. Not completely formation of wing. Simillar to Nc. Pseudo allele to E.
d dwarf Gene affecting body length.Spontaneous; body size reduced to 75 persent of normal.
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