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R:Related references , S:Related strains

Symbol Chr.No Map Name Explanation Allele S R
BphB 23 0 Blood acid phosphatase (type B) see Bph Allele Of Bph 33
BphC 23 0 Blood acid phosphatase (type C) see Bph Allele Of Bph 5
BphD 23 0 Blood acid phosphatase (type D) see Bph Allele Of Bph 4
BphE 23 0 Blood acid phosphatase (type E) see Bph Allele Of Bph
BphO 23 0 Blood acid phosphatase (type O) see Bph Allele Of Bph
bpw 13 black-striped pupal wing Gene affecting melanization of pupal wings, temperatuer sensitive.Spontaneous;temperature sensitive, narrow black stripes appear on wings of pupa depending on temperature during two days of prepupation stage, after the end of spinning to the completion of larval-pupal ecdysis; becomes black-striped when kept under 20°C but fails to manifest stripes above 23°C.
Br Brown Gene affecting skin color at larval stage, modifying gene.X-ray induced; larval skin color become brown with +p or ps.
Bs Brown spot Gene affecting brown spots of larval skin.Spontaneous;pairs of brown spots appear on each segment just after molting due to excretes of exuvial gland.
Bt 1 40.8 Beet feader Gene affecting laraval feeding XXXXX, wide feeding range.X-ray induced;larvae unable to discriminate mulberry leaves from others, dominance incomplete.
bts 17 36.4 brown head and tail spot Gene affecting pigmentation of cuticle in head, legs and anal plates.Spontaneous;head cuticle and anal plates pigmented reddish brown after third or fourth instar: bts2 similar. 3
bts2 17 36.4 brown head and tail spot 2 Spontaneous; like bts, more dark brown than bts, allelic to bts. Allele Of bts
Bu 11 30.9 Burnt Gene for formation of dorsal midline region from fifth to eight segment.X-ray induced;burn-like scar on dorsal midline from fifth to eighth segment, dorsal vessel widened; homozygotes die as embryos with incomplete formation of dosal amnion and midgut, navel remained open. 1
C 12 7.2 Outer-layer yellow cocoon ( Golden yellow) Gene affecting yellow cocoon in combination with Y gene.Spontaneous;in combination with Y(2-25.6), cocoon golden yellow on the outside, inside white. 57
cal 7 susceptibility to muscardines Gene relating to susceptibility of fungas diseases (muscardine).Spontaneous;susceptible to muscardine fungus diseases; locates in vicinity of q.
CD 12 7.2 Dilute-yellow cocoon When combined with yellow blood(Y), all layers of cocoon dilute yellow. Allele Of C 2
cd constricted vagina d Gene controlling formation of vagina with cv.When combined with cv vestibulum connected with oviduct deeply constricted, in capable for passing egg.
cf 13 20.9 crayfish Gene affecting wing formation XXXX adult development.Spontaneous;wing buds inflated with lymph and protrude laterally from body producing chela-like appearance of crayfish; swollen wing buds fragile and liable to bleed. 2
cf-e 4 0 crayfish of Eguchi Gene affecting wing formation XXXX adult development.Spontaneous;like cf ; wings of pupa swollen and protrude laterally from the body.
ch 13 9.6 chocolate Gene affecting larval skin color.Spontaneous;larval skin as well as head cuticle of newly hatched larvae reddish brown, in grown larvae markings and sieve plates of spiracles remain reddish brown: chp(chocolate purple) like ch but reddish color lighter. See also Ia and sch. 12
ch-2 18 0 chocolate 2 Gene affecting larval skin color.Spontaneous;body-color of newly hatched larvae dark reddish brown. 1
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