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Genes : E

Symbol E
Chr.No 6
Map 21.1
Name Plain extra-legs
Explanation Individuales with this gene affects supernumerary or deficient legs on specific segments along with abnormalities in the position and number of the prominent paired crescent markings on abdorminal segment 2, and stars on 5. So far, about 40 or more mutants manifesting similar traits have been discovered. Genes of those have been mapped at 21.1 CM of 6th linkage groups, however they often had crossing over event at very low frequency. Hence, they are called E-pseudo-allelic gene group.
According to exsperiments of some mutant in those, this E locus have been identified as the silkworm homologue of the bithorax homeotic gene complex of D. melanogaster.
Many are embryonic lethals as homozygotes and exhibit abnormalities in tracheal patterns, cocoon shapes, gonad development and wings.Spontaneous; Rudimentary crescents and extra abdominal legs on fourth and fifth segments star spots present.
Allele EAl, ECa, ECd, ECl, ECn, ECs, ECt, ECw, ED, EDc, EDl, EDn, EDs, EEl, EEn, EGd, EH, EHm, EKa, EKh, EKp, EM, EMc, EMl, EMs, EMu, EN, ENc, ENk, ENp, ENs, ESc, ESn, ESw, ET, ETc
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Reference 佐々木[1-87] ,日蚕雑
Related strains f06
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