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 SNP information in laboratory strains of Drosophila ananassae and its relatives (ver. 1, 2008.3.31, English 2009.09.09)

Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of a total 51 strains (standard strains and mutant strains) of D. ananasssae and its relatives maintained in KYORIN-Fly were searched for by partial sequencing of selected 19 loci (11 on X chromosome, and 8 on the 2nd chromosome).

Methods and Results

The sequencing information obtained was compared with the D. ananassae genome sequence on Assembly/Alignment/Annotation of 12 related Drosophila species(1) and SNPs were searched for using novoSNP(2).

chromo. armCG
XL (5) snCG32858
Marf CG3869
Actn CG4376
zw CG12529
v CG6976
XR (6) fw CG1500
f CG5424
Bx CG6500
w CG2759
N CG3936
Yp2 CG2979
2L (8) CG2604CG2604
Su(var)3-7 CG8599
ca CG31037
spn-A CG7948
Antp CG1028
CG31232 CG31232
Dl CG3619
CG2017 CG2017


(2) Weckx, S., Del-Favero, J., Rademaker, R., Claes, L., Cruts, M., De Jonghe, P., Van Broeckhove, C., & De Rijk, P., 2005. novoSNP, a novel computational tool for sequence variation discovery. Genome Research 15: 436-442.
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