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Movie of Wild moths
Antheraea yamamai Larva

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A fifth instar larva is walking on a branch of a sawtooth oak. It has a lime green body with a turquoise head. It has a developed jaw and can even nibble on leaf stems. It can also easily nibble on plastic mesh. It has a habit of drinking water. However, when bred on a branch in a bottle filled with water, young larvae often drowned in the water. Therefore, it is a must to cover the mouth of the bottle with tissue. When a bee or a bird approaches, it shrinks its body and camouflages itself amongst the sawtooth oak leaves.

Strain name Movie Number of
related strains
Larva Adult Copulation
Antheraea yamamai - 1
Antheraea pernyi - - 1
Samia cynthia ricini 1
Samia cynthia pryeri - 1
Rhodinia fugax - 1
Others -