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Wild moths are silkworms which live in the wild. In a broad sense, wild moths refer to lepidopterous insects which create cocoons such as Antheraea yamamai Guérin-Méneville and Dendrolimus spectabilis. In a narrow sense, wild moths refer to insects which belong to the Saturniidae and Bombycoidae species. Silkworms (Bombyx mori) are called domesticated silkmoth because they were breed by humans for several thousand years and they can only survive indoors. Wild moth is a term which is usually paired up with domesticated silkmoth.Read More

Genetic resource of wild moths
Strain Name Number of related strains
Antheraea yamamai 1
Antheraea pernyi 1
Samia cynthia pryeri 1
Samia cynthia ricini 1
Rhodinia fugax 1
Actias aliena 1
Bombyx mandarina cDNA clone, egg(sakado strain)
egg(other than sakado strain), cocoon, genomic DNA
Trilocha varians
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