chimpanzee : Tsutomu

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:0238    (2015-04-08Updated)
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Name Tsutomu
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies ( P. t. verus )
Date of birth 1985.01.18
Place of birth Japan Monkey Centre
Current facility Japan Monkey Centre
Father Kappei
Mother Fujiko   (human rearing)
This is the most sportive individual in the group. He is a child of Fujiko. Because Fujiko refused to breed, he was hand-reared. To show his power, he displays by standing up and shaking his body. Because he gets carried away, he is sometimes scolded by Akira, and asks Akiko for help while screaming. He is a versatile entertainer of exhibiting performances such as side turning, jumping, and clapping his hands for responding to visitors' ovation.
Life history
1985.01.18 Tsutomu was born at Japan Monkey Centre.
2003.12.17 Tsutomu moved to Adventure World.
2005.03.01 Yayoi  {0673}  was born of Tomi  {0103}  and Tsutomu.
2005.03.25  {0674}  was stillbirth. Whose mother was Hiromi  {0167} .
2008.11.26 Tsutomu returns to Japan Monkey Centre.
2014.07.25 Mamoru {0746}  was born. Whose mother was Marco  {0582} .

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