chimpanzee : Fujiko

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:0216    (2019-01-10Updated)
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Name Fujiko
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1971?
Place of birth unknown (unknown)
Current facility Japan Monkey Centre
The individual is a mother of Chiemi and Tsutomu, and a grandmother of Kanako. She always does her job at her own pace, and does not positively interfere in private concerns. She has a slightly small body. She once exhibited a backflip. She sometimes comes in front in the cage to fawn upon a caretaker. Although she has a granddaughter (Kanako), she is a favorite with males in the group.
Life history
1971? born
197? moved to Fuji Safari Park
1983.06.13 Fujiko moved to Japan Monkey Centre.
1985.01.18 Fujiko gave birth to Tsutomu  {0238}  whose father was Kappei  {0164} .
1985.11.24 Fujiko gave birth to Chiemi  {0251}  whose father was Kappei  {0164} .
1991.10.17 Fujiko gave birth to  {0409}  whose father was Akira  {0306} .
1992.09.21 Fujiko gave birth to Yuji  {0483}  whose father was Akira  {0306} .
1993.08.25 Fujiko gave birth to  {0502}  whose father was Akira  {0306} .
1994.11.05 Fujiko gave birth to Shino  {0519}  whose father was Akira  {0306} .
1999.07.13 Fujiko gave birth to Umetarou  {0599}  whose father was Akira  {0306} .
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