gibbon : Raja (Raja hitam)

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:0004    (2020-06-10Updated)
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Name Raja (Raja hitam)
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies Hylobates agilis
Date of birth 1999.06.02
Place of birth Primate Research Institute Kyoto University
Current facility Primate Research Institute Kyoto University
Father Mamy
Mother Ibu
[Japanese studbook number:H.agilis40]
[P.R.I. KyotoUniv.H.a#4]
The individual grew up with his brother Tsuyoshi {0003} and has been used for various research.
He is covered with black hair. There are webs between the second and third toes on both feet. He was injured on his left forearm ninety-six days after birth, and the deformation was also observed during his adulthood. Due to an injury, he has lost the distal phalanx of the second finger on his left hand, which is thus short. His ears are round, and he has wet earwax. There is a slit on the edge of his left ear due to an injury. The joint of the fourth finger on his right hand is immobile.
The individual is good at engaging in clever play but sometimes sucks his left thumb, even though he is twelve years old.
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