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Name Smile
Sex Male
Species or Subspecies hybrid
Date of birth 2001.04.14
Place of birth Miyazaki-city Phoenix Zoo
Current facility Ichihara Elephant Kingdom
Father Annchan
Mother Susan
The individual's ears are large compared to his face. His body is small. He likes a blanket. He often observes the outside while wearing a blanket on his back except for his eyes. He sometimes collects food and performs a tug-of-war with a visitor using a blanket as a tool. When a blanket is taken by a visitor, he screams in a loud voice. He does not dash water on visitors, but he sometimes throws a lawn in the park or feces to a visitor who behaves to give food but does not. He makes an appeal to those who seem to give food by showing all the performances such as clapping his hands and jumping. He likes sweet foods from humans the most, such as pudding and steamed cake. He dislikes granulated foods, such as kiwi fruit and strawberry.
This individual is a dependent child. He soon approaches humans. If he is not taken care of, it soon gets sulky. In Miyazaki-city Phoenix Zoo, he was naughty, and it often jumped on and played with Yohichi -> Pan (0642), a younger ape. At present, he is calm and harmless. He gently approaches other animals such as dogs, cats, and rabbits in the park, and he can hold these animals.
Life history
2001.04.14 Smile was born at Miyazaki-city Phoenix Zoo. She was raised on a bottle by breeder. She spent daytime on playing with Yohichi->Pan  {0642}  who is six months younger brother.
2002.11.28 Smile came to Ichihara Elephant Kingdom. He appeared on TV program "Chimpan-News-Channel", as the second Gomez.
2007.03.15 Smile lived in stockyard in Ichihara Elephant Kingdom after TV show ended. He is cooperating with taking photograph sometimes in the zoo.

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