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Symbol Chr.No Map Name Explanation Allele
Alb 19 37.4 Albumin Spontaneous; hemolymph albumin fraction migrating more rapidly to the anode than other proteins on gel electrophoresis; AlbF for faster moving and AlbS for slower moving band. AlbF , AlbS
Amy-d 8 2.8 Digestive juice amylase Spontaneous; presence of four and five highly active isozymes migrating toward cathode on acrylamide gel electrophoresis are respectively controlled by codominant alleles of Amy-dIV and Amy-dV; homozygotes for Amy-dn., previously referred to as ae for weak activity, lack cathode-migrating isozymes: Weaker anode-migrationg isozymes are controlled by Amy-da alleles (19-?). Amy-dIV , Amy-dn , Amy-dV
Amy-da 19 ? Digestive juice amylase migrating toword anode Spontaneous; amylase isozyme migrating toward anode on polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis; most rapidly moving isozyme by Amy-daF, rapidly moving by Amy-daM, slowly moving by Amy-daS, respectively; activity much weaker as compound with cathodal isozymes controlled by Amy-d. Amy-daF , Amy-daM , Amy-dan , Amy-daS
Amy-hc 8 4.2 Hemolymph amylase C Spontaneous; hemolymph amylase can be separated into A to F bands on gel electrophoresis migrating toward anode; major band C controlled by Amy-hc alleles involving variations of migration rate as -hcS (Slow), -hcM (Moderate), -hcF (Fast) and of activity as -hcW (Weak), -hcMF (Moderate fast), -hcSM (Moderate slow), -hcSW (Slow and weak) ; homozygotes for Amy-hcn(null) formerly referred to as be for low activity, lack C isozyme band. Amy-hcF , Amy-hcM , Amy-hcMF , Amy-hcn , Amy-hcS , Amy-hcSM , Amy-hcSW , Amy-hcW
Aph-1 ? ? Alkaline phosphatase 1 Spontaneous;alkaline phosphatase isozyme of mid-gut characterized by fast electrophoretic mobility:lack active isozyme in Aph-1n. Aph-11 , Aph-1n
Aph-2 ? ? Alkaline phosphatase 2 Spontaneous;alkaline phosphatase isozyme of mid-gut with slow mobility:linked with Aph-11 with COV of ca.30%:Aph-2n lack active isozyme. Aph-2n
Bes 11 36.1 blood esterase Spontaneous; esterase inhemolymph; most rapidly migrating isozyme by BesA, rapidly migrating by BesB, slowly migrating by BesC, BesO homozygotes lack isozyme band. BesA , BesB , BesC , BesO
Bph 23 0 Blood acid phosphatase Spontaneous; acid phosphatase isozymes of larval hemolymph; isozymes A, B, C, D, E in the order of faster mobility are controlled by BphA - BphE alleles, respectively; isozyme band lacking in BphO.
Later, another allelic gene controlling both isozymes A and B together was discovered in genetic resources ( Banno, personal communication )
BphA , BphAB , BphB , BphC , BphD , BphE , BphO
Ch1-2 2 ? Chorion protein 1・2 Gene controlling chorion proteins.Spontaneous; multigene family comprising one large gene cluster that encodes eggshell proteins involving A, B (middle) and Hc (late) groups; locates in vicinity (1 - 2 m.u.) and to the left of Gr (6.9).
Ch3 18 0 Chorion protein 3 Gene controlling chorion proteins.Spontaneous; smaller Chorion gene cluster consisting largely of early genes involving A, B and C groups; locates ca. 4 m.u. apart to the right of Ch1-2.
Dh 11 0 diapause hormone and pheromone biosynthesis-activating neuropeptide (DH-PBAN) Spontaneous;Diapause hormone of the silkworm PBAN, DhA, DhB and DhCwith diffirent size in intron-5. DhA , DhB , DhC
Ees ? ? Egg esterase Spontaneous;5 kinds of independent isozymes are known in egg;Ees-1, -2 and -3 are aliesterases; Ees-4 and -5 are cholinesterases. Ees-1 , Ees-2 , Ees-3 , Ees-4 , Ees-5
Fib-H 25 ? Fibroin H chain Spontaneous; structural gene of large subunit of fibroin; variations of mobility on SDS-PAGE grouped into fast, moderate and slow are controlled by Fib-HF, Fib-HM and Fib-HS. Fib-hF , Fib-hM , Fib-hS
Fib-L 14 ? Fibroin L chain Spontaneous; structural gene of small subunit of fibroin; variations in the order of mobility on SDS-PAGE as Fib-LA, Fib-LB, Fib-LC; no crossing over between Nd-s. Fib-LA , Fib-LB , Fib-LC
Ict-A 2 26.7 Chymotrypsin-inhibitor protein A Spontaneous; Chymotrypsin-inhibitor protein of hemolymph,complex alleles of at least two subfractions on electrophoresis, most fastly moving region AF and AS, and most slowly migrating region HF, H< Ict-AF , Ict-AS
Ict-D 19 29.1 chymotrypsin inhibitors D Spontaneous; chymotrypsin-inhibitor proteinof hemolymph migrating moderately on gel electrophoresis; most slowly migrating band by Ict-DR, slow by Ict-DS, intermediate by Ict-DM, fast by Ict-DF allele, respectively. Ict-DF , Ict-DM , Ict-DMF , Ict-DR , Ict-DRF , Ict-DRM , Ict-DRS , Ict-DS , Ict-DSF , Ict-DSM
Ict-E 22 3.3 chymotrypsin inhibitors E Spontaneous;chymotrypsin-inhibitory protein of hemolymph migrating between moderately moving D-group (19-29.1) and most slow group of H (2-23.7), faster moving band by -EF and slower by -ES alleles.
Ies ? ? Integument esterase Spontaneous;esterase isozyme of integument;IesA rapidly moving,IesB slowly moving,IesC most slowly moving,Iesn lack active band.
Lp 20 6.2 Lipoprotein complex Spontaneous; low-molecular weight lipoprotein fraction of hemolymph, complex alleles of three subfractions separable on gel electrophoresis, fastly movingf-region with variations of A, B, C, moderately moving m-region with null type, slowly moving s-regio
Pes 19 0 Egg Specific Protein Spontaneous; one of the major components of yolk protein synthesized in ovary as against others have hemolymph origin; PesF for rapidly and PesS for slowly migrating band on gel electrophoresis. PesF , PesS
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