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Genes : Amy-hc

Symbol Amy-hc
Character hemolymph
Chr.No 8
Map 4.2
Name Hemolymph amylase C
Explanation Spontaneous; hemolymph amylase can be separated into A to F bands on gel electrophoresis migrating toward anode; major band C controlled by Amy-hc alleles involving variations of migration rate as -hcS (Slow), -hcM (Moderate), -hcF (Fast) and of activity as -hcW (Weak), -hcMF (Moderate fast), -hcSM (Moderate slow), -hcSW (Slow and weak) ; homozygotes for Amy-hcn(null) formerly referred to as be for low activity, lack C isozyme band.
Allele Amy-hcF, Amy-hcM, Amy-hcMF, Amy-hcn, Amy-hcS, Amy-hcSM, Amy-hcSW, Amy-hcW
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