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Genes : p

Symbol p
Character marking, colour
Chr.No 2
Map 3
Name plain
Explanation Spontaneous;grown larvae white all over the body except for linear traces of crescents and star-spots: +p(形蚕, normal pattern): pB(黒色蚕, Black): pM(暗色, Moricaud): pS(黒縞, Striped):pSa(セーブル, Sable, X-ray induced), etc.
Allele p1, p2, p3, p4, pB, pD, pG, pL, pM, pS, pSa, pSa-2, pSt, pSw
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Reference Toyama[7-259] ,Bull.Coll.Agric.Tokyo Univ.
Toyama[7-259] ,Bull.Coll.Agric.Tokyo Univ.
Related strains u80, p64, u11, p44, t10, l32, e34, d30, k15, n02, l03, n25, r22, p05, m01, o30, ...etc.

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