chimpanzee : Susie

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:0225    (2019-01-04Updated)
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Name Susie
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1982?
Place of birth Wild (Guinea (Africa))
Current facility Sapporo Maruyama Zoo
The individual's slight cross-eyed face is black. The head is flat.
This individual is curious to humans and fastidious about mates. She is afraid of Tonny.
Life history
1982? Susie was born in Guinea (Africa).
1984.03.17 Susie moved to Sapporo Maruyama Zoo.
1990.08.20 Susie gave birth to Gen  {0378}  whose father was Tonny  {0136} .
1995.06.23 Susie gave birth to Tag  {0538}  whose father was Tonny  {0136} .
1997.04.01 Susie gave birth to Bingo  {0568}  whose father was Tonny  {0136} .
2001.11.17 Susie gave birth to Panzee  {0644}  whose father was Tonny  {0136} .
2009.02.04 Susie gave birth to unknown  {0711}  whose father was Tonny  {0136} .
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