chimpanzee : Mimie

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:0007    (2015-11-29Updated)
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Name Mimie
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1956?
Place of birth Wild (Africa)
Current facility Tama Zoological Park
The individual appeared on TV shows during childhood as a member of "The Quartet."
This individual is a childhood friend of Journey. Through her political savvy, she obtained support from armies of inhabitants and established an impregnable position as the mistress (in 1999).
Life history
1956? Mimie was born in Africa.
1958.03.09 moved to Ueno zoo
1958.05.04 Mimie moved to Tama Zoological Park.
1968.8.30 Mimie gave birth to Kiebo  {0033}  whose father was Joe  {0010} .
1971.09.06 Mimie gave birth to Daisie  {0049}  whose father was Joe  {0010} .
1992.09.30 Mimie gave birth to Emmie  {0484}  whose father was Kenta  {0168} .
1997.09.05 Mimie gave birth to  {0575}  whose father was Kenta  {0168} .
2015.07.28 Mimie died from intestinal inflammation.
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