chimpanzee : Natsu

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Name Natsu
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies unknown
Date of birth 1998.12.29
Place of birth America
Current facility America (Center for Great Apes)
The individual was trained to appear in shows since she was a child. She came to Japan to appear in the inauguration of Universal Studios Japan. However, because of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, she was deported to the USA and retired from appearing in shows at five years of age. At present, she lives in a sanctuary in the USA.
This individual is very familiar with humans. She has been learning the society of chimpanzees after moving to the sanctuary.
Life history
1998.12.29 Natsu was born in America. Her detailed information is unknown.
2000.10.01 Natsu came from U. S. A. Owner is Birds and Animals Unlimited (USA).
2001.03.31 Universal Studio Japan opened and "Animal Actors Stage Show" started. She played the role of Curious George and other.
2003? Natsu and Zillah  {0606}  played the role of George on a show by turns.
2004.09.30 Judy return to the U.S. under the protection by CITES. She lived alone in the backyard of the Universal Studios (Los Angeles).
2005.12 Natsu moved to Center for Great Apes in Wauchula.
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