chimpanzee : Beley

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:0032    (2015-11-29Updated)
International studbook number: -

Name Beley
Sex Female
Species or Subspecies P. t. verus
Date of birth 1966.03?
Place of birth Wild
Current facility Tama Zoological Park
The individual was moved from the Ueno Zoological Gardens. She is a yes-man to everybody and socializes well with others.(as of 1999)
Life history
1966.03? Belley was born in Africa.
1968.02.29 Belley was imported by Aritake.
1968.07.01 Belley and Pickey {9056}  was bought by Kamine zoo and her ownership was transferred to Ueno zoo with the aim of animal exchange.
1968.08.29 Belley moved to Ueno Zoological Gardens with Picky  {9056} .
1969.03.20 Susie  {9053}  died from bowel obstruction.
1973.03.22 Panzee  {9057}  moved to Ueno Zoological Gardens. (trade-off, move-in)
1975.05.13 Panzee move exchange to Yoshikawa Shokai from Ueno Zoological Gardens.  {9058}  came to Ueno Zoological Gardens.
1975.08.06  {9058}  died from enteritis.
1976.06.10 Picky  {9056}  was moved to Yoshikawa Shokai from Ueno, and then moved to Ube Tokiwa Park.
1976.10.15 Emmy  {9059}  moved to Ueno Zoological Gardens. (trade-off, move-in)
1978.10.13 Emmy moved to Yoshikawa Shokai from Ueno Zoological Gardens. (trade-off, move-out)
1985.01.24 Beley gave birth to Ruby  {0239}  whose father was Bill  {0001}  through artificial insemination.
1988.12.01 Ruby was donated to Delhi Zoo, or National Zoological Park (India).
1992.07.22 Bill  {0001}  died from heart failure.
1993.11.02 Belley moved to Tama Zoological Park.
2001.01.27 Belley died from myocarditis.
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